Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

  1. Beebydrem is an app created by Optimile for the company Drem, in the scope of Optimile’s Mobility Platform and Mobility Services, as one of their customers. With regards to this, our privacy policy is naturally a supplementation of their own. Therefore, we shall start with our added information concerning our privacy policy and then cite the privacy policy of the MSP word by word.
  2. As a customer of Optimile’s Mobility Platform, we only use the information collected, to provide our services in the quality preferred by our clients who register into our App. All data will be stored on devices controlled by Optimile. All activities with the information by Drem, comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) of the EU.
  3. Please read the actual Privacy Policy of Optimile at their website, or read it here attached.